Contracast Episode 17: The one without music

Lie to me

Since this episode is late, and has no intro music (the mixing software I use got updated for Windows 7, and now works better in some areas, and WAY WORSE in others), I present the annotated show notes. No "We talked about things and stuff" this week, friends, this week we talked about THESE things and THAT stuff. See for yourself below.

News: Some talk about "Lie to Me", Gizmodo reviews the Apple "Magic Mouse", Blackberry Storm 2 units begin to arrive at stores, 10 Things you should know about Apple's new products

Link: Ikea Hacker

App: Dungeon Hunter Review by Touch Arcade, and "A Pocket full of Diablo"- Dungeon Hunter review by Kotaku

Topics: Call of Duty Matchmaking service will reshape the industry, An improvement over dedicated servers says IW. Motorola Droid impressions, Motorola Calgary is cheap and "Blur(ry)". Also Bluetooth headsets. They're annoying.

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